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With the Architectural Toolbox, you can obtain customized CAD drawings and a building specification for your project based on the TravelMaster 115 Inclined Autowalk. You can also send a direct inquiry to KONE to obtain further information or a quotation.

All drawings are intended for preliminary planning only. Do not use these for construction purposes. Contact KONE to receive accurate drawings.
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Code Compliance
EN115-1:2008 +A1:2010
Vertical Rise
Maximum Rise:

Metric: 8000 mm
Imperial: 22 ft 11 9/16 in
Vertical Rise
ft in
Vertical Rise is not a valid number.
Vertical Rise is less than the acceptable range.
Vertical Rise is greater than the acceptable range.
KONE commercial automwalks are available with two angles of inclination: 10° and 12°.

10° inclination
  • This inclination offers the most comfortable ramps for end users

12° inclination
  • Offers the most compact dimensions
  • Preferable when space is restricted on site
Worm gear transmission is characterized by low noise, stable transmission and good vibration damping.

Helical gear transmission is characterized by the ability to transmit high torques in a very small space. It has a higher efficiency than worm gear transmission even at low speeds. At higher speeds it does produce higher noise levels than worm gear transmission.
Worm GearHelical Gear
Horizontal Pallets
0/1 - No Horizontal Pallet on lower end; One (400 mm) on upper end
1/1 - One Horizontal Pallet (400 mm) on lower end; One (400 mm) on upper end
0/2 - No Horizontal Pallet on lower end; Two (800 mm) on upper end
1/2 - One Horizontal Pallet (400 mm) on lower end; Two (800 mm) on upper end
2/2 - Two Horizontal Pallets (800 mm) on lower end; Two (800 mm) on upper end
Horizontal Pallets
0.4 m/s0.5 m/s1.31 ft/s1.64 ft/s
Pallet Width
Commercial autowalks are generally available in three step widths: 800, 1000 and 1100 mm.

800 mm step width
  • Allows one adult passenger and a small child, or one adult passenger with shopping bags or luggage (i.e. 1.5 passengers) to stand on each step
  • Suitable for medium or low usage installations, such as shops

1000 mm step width
  • Allows two adult passengers to stand on each step
  • Maximizes transport capacity for high usage installations such as large department stores, shopping malls, airports and railway stations

1100 mm step width
  • Maximizes the comfort for end users
  • Allows for more free space and increases the safety of end users in case there is any need to escape from the ramps, due to any type of emergency situation
Pallet Width
800 mm1000 mm1100 mm36"40"44"
SingleParallelCriss cross
Power Supply
(frequency, motor, lighting supply)
50Hz, 380V, 220V50Hz, 400V, 230V50Hz, 415V, 240V60Hz, 220V, 110V60Hz, 380V, 110V
Truss Type
Operational Mode
The unit is started by a key switch and runs continuously in the selected direction until stopped by a key switch or the emergency stop.

Stop & Go
This mode is the same as Continuous except that the unit stops after a pre-selected time if no passengers are detected. If a passenger is then detected at either landing, the unit restarts in the pre-selected direction.

Stand-by speed
This mode of operation is the same as Stop & Go except that the unit is slowed down to a stand-by speed by the inverter instead of beingstopped. The stand-by speed is approximately 40% of nominal speed, namely 0.2 m/s for an escalator normally operating at 0.5 m/s.

Stop & Go and Stand-by speed
A combination of Stop & Go and Stand-by speed.
Operational Mode
Continuous operation (smart star delta)Stop & GoStand-by speedStop & Go and Stand-by speed
Balustrade Type
Glass balustradeSandwich panel balustrade
Passenger Fall Protection Barrier
Recommended if a free fall of more than 6m [19' 8"] is possible. The additional barrier has a height of 1300mm [4' 3"].
Passenger Fall Protection Barrier
Support Type
StandardSeismic (earthquake fixing)
Side Cladding Options
For safety reasons, it is imperative that all exposed truss sides are fitted with cladding to protect the public from rotating machinery within the escalator. Please only select None if the autowalk will be installed between two walls (ie. underground tunnel) and will not have any machinery exposed.
Side Cladding Options
Primed, commercially flat sheet steel side claddingMounting strap for 15mm, side cladding to be provided by customerFolded primed sheet steel side claddingFolded stainless steel panel side cladding
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Access Covers
Ribbed aluminum access cover natural colourRibbed aluminum access cover with black groovesAluminum access cover with black painted stainless steel surfaceAluminum access cover with no painted stainless steel surface
Comb Segment Materials
AluminumAluminum with yellow coating
Satin polished stainless steelBlack plastic
Handrail Colour
BlackBlack with white demarcation insertsRedBlueGreenBrownBeigeGrey
Natural Anodized AluminumSilver powder coating (RAL 9007)Brushed Stainless Steel
Center Decking
Stainless steel without coatingStainless steel with clear anti-friction coatingSheet steel with black powder coatingSheet steel with black anti-friction coating
Skirt Brush Holder
WithoutClear anodized aluminumBlack anodized aluminum
Pallet Type
Natural aluminumSilver aluminumBlack aluminumBlack stainless steel
Pallet Demarcation
NoneYellow painted on two sides of palletYellow plastic inserts on two sides of pallet
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LED Continuous Handrail Lighting
LED Continuous Handrail Lighting - Colour Selection
LED Comb Light
LED Comb light - Colour Selection
Under pallet demarcation lighting
Skirt Lighting
NoneSkirt light (White LED Spots)Skirt light (LED Continuous)
Skirt lighting - Colour Selection
LED Soffit Spot Lighting
Only available with stainless steel or powder coated cladding.
LED Soffit Spot Lighting
NoneOne row (Only white colour)Two rows (Only white colour)
LED Cove Lighting
Only available with stainless steel or powder coated cladding.
LED Cove Lighting
NoneLED Continuous soffit cove lightLED Continuous side cladding cove lightLED Continuous side and soffit cladding cove light
LED Cove Lighting - Colour Selection
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Operating Environment
IndoorSemi outdoor
Controller Cabinet Protection Class
Additional Options
Anti-climb barrier
Additional emergency stop button
Diagnostic diplay
LED traffic lights
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Stop Go
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N.B. The architectural toolbox is intended for planning purposes only. All CAD drawings, building specifications and 3D models produced using the architectural toolbox are not final construction documents and cannot be used for building or construction purposes. In case you would like to receive a drawing for construction purposes please contact your local KONE organization.

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